Syncing with --files-from

David E. Meier dev at
Thu Aug 19 16:26:06 GMT 2004

> On Thu 19 Aug 2004, David E. Meier wrote:
>> I want to sync files from remote to local. I have a file with all the
>> includes on the local machine.
>> When executing rsync with "--files-from=incfiles.txt", it fails while
>> trying to open "incfiles.txt" on the remote machine.
>> Is there a way to tell rsync to look for the file locally? Thanks, Dave.
> Please show the _exact_ command you are executing.

rsync -avvrn --delete -e "ssh -P -i .ssh/id_rsa" --stats user at /cygdrive

Resulting in:

opening connection using ssh -P -i .ssh/id_rsa -l user rsync
--server --sender -vvnlogDtprR --delete --files-from=- --from0 . data
rsync: on remote machine: --files-from=-: unknown option
rsync error: syntax or usage error (code 1) at main.c(876)
rsync: read error: Connection reset by peer

I assume rsync sets "--files-from=-" because it is not able to find the
file on the remote side. However, when I put the file in the login dir or
into the dir "data", it does not work either.

Running the above command without the "--files-from" option rsync works as
expected. Dave.

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