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Brashers, Bart -- MFG, Inc. Bart.Brashers at
Mon Aug 2 17:01:39 GMT 2004

Is there a way to get rsync to estimate the net change of disk space usage
for a transfer?  I can get the gross amount of files to be transferred using
"--stats", and if I use "-v" I can see a list of files to be deleted.  But
then I'd have to mangle the filenames to the target path (prepend some text
to each line) and do a "du -c | tail -1" to get the disk usage of that list,
then subtract the number to the "Total transferred file size" line from
"--stats".  Not a huge hassle, but some hassle.

If it's easy, maybe this would be a good addition to rsync --stats.  List
the size of the files deleted, and perhaps the net change in disk usage.

I'm interested in this because I rsync data to a raid set for off-site
storage, but I'm running out of space.  I have some data that I want to be
sure is on the raid set, and other data that I care less about and could
delete some of to make sure the important data is transferred.  I do this
weekly to a 800Gb raid set, so wiping all the low-priority data,
transferring the high-priority data and then rsyncing as much of
low-priority data as will fit is not an option -- it would take too long.


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