Feature Request: OS X / hfs+ / resources fork

Wesley D Craig wes at umich.edu
Thu Apr 29 18:31:58 GMT 2004

This thread covers this idea:


I think someone may be working on an implementation.


On 27 Apr 2004, at 23:35, Stephen SM WONG wrote:
> rsync is a very useful tool for me to backup from Max OS X
> to a linux server.  However, would developers please add one
> feature:
> When rsync runs on an OS X machine and the source files are
> in hfs+ (or hfs) filesystem, copy the resources fork to a
> file with filename starts with a dot and append the original
> filename.  That's the current behaviour of samba client on
> OS X interacting with samba server on linux.
> The feature is important, as without the resources fork,
> some programs (like ProTools and Media 100 NLE) refuse to
> open the copied files.
> Thank you for consideration.
> Stephen Wong @ Hong Kong

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