Feature Request: OS X / hfs+ / resources fork

Stephen SM WONG wongsm at netvigator.com
Wed Apr 28 03:35:20 GMT 2004

rsync is a very useful tool for me to backup from Max OS X 
to a linux server.  However, would developers please add one 

When rsync runs on an OS X machine and the source files are 
in hfs+ (or hfs) filesystem, copy the resources fork to a 
file with filename starts with a dot and append the original 
filename.  That's the current behaviour of samba client on 
OS X interacting with samba server on linux.

The feature is important, as without the resources fork, 
some programs (like ProTools and Media 100 NLE) refuse to 
open the copied files.

Thank you for consideration.

Stephen Wong @ Hong Kong

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