More confusion on exclude rules (Success)

Dave.Turner at Dave.Turner at
Fri Apr 23 21:34:08 GMT 2004

Found a space after + /nflmg/scripts/regional/misc_loaders/ which caused the
subdirectory to be missed. Thanks a bunch for your example. That illustrated
the issue well. Once I got rid of the space and saw that your example did
work, it made it much easier to understand how the rules build. The key was
understanding how the alogrithm is recursive.


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On Fri, Apr 23, 2004 at 04:13:19PM -0400, Dave.Turner at
> In, my config, why does [- /*] exclude
> [+ nflmg/scripts/regional/misc_loaders/] but not [+ bin/]?

It doesn't.  Read what I wrote again.  It excludes nflmg.  The manpage
talks about how the algorithm is recursive -- all directories on the way
down through the hierarchy-scan must avoid exclusion or rsync will never
get down far enough to the place where that rule would match something.

> Also, the config you gave me, still ignored
> [+ nflmg/scripts/regional/misc_loaders/]

That rule isn't in my suggested exclude file (mine has a prefixed '/' on
the path portion).  If that's not a typo, double-check the exclude file.

Q:  is nflmg in the base directory of the transfer? i.e. is the bin dir
and the nflmg dir in the same parent dir?  I assumed from the way you
wrote your exclude file that this was the case.  However, your initial
comments referred to the paths in a way that might indicate that this
is not the case (I initially figured you just cited one incorrectly).


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