More confusion on exclude rules

Dave.Turner at Dave.Turner at
Fri Apr 23 19:18:16 GMT 2004

I have created two new files /export/home/bin/test_temp.delete_me and
on the rsync server and am using the following exclude file.

+ bin/
+ nflmg/scripts/regional/misc_loaders/ 
- core
- *.bz2
- *.orig
- *.BAK
- *.bak
- *.old
- *.csv
- *.tmp
- *.4chart
- *.xls
- *.difftrx
- *.difftra
- *.rawbad
- *.trx.all
- *.tar.*
- *.tar
- *.gz
- *.old
- *.log.*
- *.zip
- *.Z
- /*

I'm running the following command line on the client side:

# /usr/local/bin/rsync -avrnz --exclude-from=/davet/rsync.webmstr1 --stats
webmstr at primey::webmstr1 /export/home/webmstr

However, rsync finds /export/home/bin/test_temp.delete_me but NOT
. I don't understand why it finds the new file in bin/ but not in
nflmg/scripts/regional/misc_loaders/? I've confirmed that both files are
missing on the client, tried switching locations of the paths in the exclude
file, adding the wildcard (*), switching the order, explicit pathing, double
checked my typing, and restarting the rsync daemon.

I just can't see the problem. What am I missing?


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