rsync - copy only new files ( since the last run )

Roman Kab rkab at
Tue Apr 13 17:51:19 GMT 2004

    Hello everyone,

Here is what I am trying to accomplish.  


Using rsync to push journal transaction files from one server to the hot backup server.  Rsync script runs every 10 minutes and pushes the files .  On the hot backup server these files are applied by a shell script. A purge job deletes files that have been applied from the hot backup server.  Unfortunately rsync pushes missing files back from primary to the hot backup.

Is there a way to make rsync pickup where it left of instead of pushing all missing files.  I understand that the inteded function of rsync is to sync up the dirs.   May be there is a timestamp, flag .. that I can pass.   There are times when it is necessary to sync up but that occurs once in a great while.


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