Rsync OS X/Linux

Tim Conway conway at
Tue Apr 6 23:52:00 GMT 2004

Left to right.  The very last path on the commandline is the destination. 
Don't put any source location there.  If you're not certain what will 
happen with a particular commandline, add "-n" to it, along with at least 
one "-v", and it'll tell you everything it would do.

"man rsync" will yield a wealth of information on the --compare-dest=, 
--backup-dir=, and other useful options for incremental backups.
In the archives, you'll even find a nice application to use rsync to keep 
up (and restore from) a sort of "snapshot" structure.

Tim Conway
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I'm kind of a newbie in development and need to create an incremental 
of my http server on my computer (through ssh). But after reading the 
I had, I afraid of mixing my source and destination.
Can somebody give me the right command and help me developing a daily
incremental backup script?


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