using rsync with ssh to distribute to multiple hosts

Jim Stafki jstafk at
Fri Sep 5 01:56:13 EST 2003


I have tried to look this up in the archives before posting but I can not
connect to the news server at gmane.  I hope you can help, or perhaps point
me to documentation somewhere...

I have a filesystem on an aix box that must be pushed periodically to
several unix boxes (over 100) and the directive from our unix admins is to
use rsync, which can use ssh to perform the transfer.  I would like some
opinions about the best way this should be done.  I have written a korn
shell script that uses a loop to execute the rsync command against a list of
hostnames.  This works fine, but for one inconvenience:  The user must enter
the password for every box that is in the list.  It is the same password in
most cases, but this is simply not acceptable.

Is there a better way to do this with rsync?  Anyone have thoughts about



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