AW: trying to figure out how the --delete option works.

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Thu Oct 30 00:17:37 EST 2003

Add this:


See the manual.


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Betreff: trying to figure out how the --delete option works.

I use this comand to back up my entirely drive to a second drive. Because the 
second drive is smaller I have excluded my movies directory. I also excluded 
the /mnt/ diectory, becous I dont want to back up the backup. This part works 
just fine.

It's the --delete option I cant get to work. I want rsync to delete files on 
the backup(destination) drive, that I have deleted or moved on the souce 
drive. Therefore I added the --delete option, but it doesent work for me.

the files and directories tht I deleted still exists on the backup, and the 
files and directories that I moved are duplicaded on the backup.

Is there anyone who can help me out.

Here is the comand I use:
rsync -av --exclude "/**/movies/" --exclude "/mnt/" --delete / 


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