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On Tue, Oct 28, 2003 at 02:23:20AM -0500, Webmaster of wrote:
> Hi,
>             I have a little problem and I am trying hard to understand but
> it is very hard when you get to my age and truly when things change so fast
> it just keeps getting harder to keep up but I am trying. What I need to do
> is by using a ssh shell to my server redhat 7.3 and running rsync to do a
> full back up mirror of the hard drive OS and all. The drive has some bad
> sectors and the company that I lease the server from for about 3 weeks now
> says I have to pay for them to move everything to the new drive. So what
> again I am trying to do is use rsync and put everything on the slave drive
> and then shut down the server then have them switch the cables on the
> drives, move the jumps for master with slave as I will replace the bad one
> with a good one and boot to a working server that I had before the bad
> sectors and not loose anything. Is this possible and if it is can you give
> me a command line or script to do this.
> rsync *.* --system --boot /dev/slave

Rsync will only move files.  You also need to move the
bootloader.  Also rsync will be less efficient than just
copying the files.  Rsync is good for updating the copy at
the last minute if needed.

It is a bit difficult but you will still need to identify
the files affected.

If it is just a few bad sectors and not the drive dying you
might just want to force the drive to remap the bad sectors.
That is done by writing to them.  There are a couple of ways
of doing that.

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