can't manage to get --link-dest working.

Lucas Nussbaum lucas at
Tue Oct 28 07:53:30 EST 2003


I can't manage to get rsync's --link-dest option working.
Here is a step by step script which doesn't produce the good results.

# create test dir
mkdir testrsync
cd testrsync
mkdir orig
echo "abcd" > orig/testfile

# create a mirror
rsync -apog orig/ mirror/

# create another mirror using link-dest
rsync -apog --link-dest=mirror/ orig/ mirror2/

# look at inodes
ls -li mirror/
ls -li mirror2/

The inodes differs, even if timestamps, modes and size contents don't.

What's wrong ?

I'm running linux-2.6 (but I don't think that's related), and tried with both 
rsync 2.5.6 and the current CVS version.

Thank you,


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