Speeding up Transfers of 1000s of files

Hans Eric Sandström hes at xinit.se
Wed Oct 29 21:58:55 EST 2003

Rsync works in a very linear fashion. Try running multiple rsyncs in paralell
on different directories of course.

One speedup would be to transfer the checksums and data asyncronously. I
havent checked the source on how this is done but I suspect that even this is
done in a very linear way wich explains why data transfers have to wait for
checksum calculation, transfer and compare.

Hans Eric

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Subject: Speeding up Transfers of 1000s of files

Hi all,

I have to transfer thousands of files across my network. We are looking at
using rsync via a squid proxy to help improve the network tuning. What I am
witnessing now is that with each successive file, the transfer speed resets to
0 and ramps up to 2.5MB/s.

Is there anyway that I can group these transfers together to take better
advantage of our bandwidth? I should be able to peak at 5+MB/s.

Thanks in advance,

Max Clark <maxc at beast.clarksys.com>
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