rsync -vae ssh user@host1:/tmp/dir user@host2:/tmp/

Darxus at Darxus at
Sat Oct 25 00:23:08 EST 2003

On 10/24, pod wrote:
> If you are able to make ssh connections from host1 to home then the method
> outlined in

No, sorry for omitting that information, but the two remote hosts cannot
connect to the "home" machine (my workstation, and I doubt necessary
connections are allowed involving any other machines).  (so ssh / nc
port forwarding won't work either)

> host1$ rsync --rsh ssh --rsync-path 'ssh host2 rsync' srcfile home:dstfile


So, since I'm not just missing something, any chance of support for
rsyncing from one remote machine to another remote machine being added ?

"It's never too late to panic."

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