rsync -vae ssh user@host1:/tmp/dir user@host2:/tmp/

pod pod at
Fri Oct 24 19:41:33 EST 2003

>>>>> "DX" == Darxus  <Darxus at> writes:

    DX> I have legitimate ssh access to two remote machines.  ssh directly
    DX> from either machine to the other is blocked by firewalls which I
    DX> cannot control.

If you are able to make ssh connections from host1 to home then the method
outlined in


will work to transfer from host1 to host2 via home without writing the
data to disk on home.

I notice that the archive copy has been blatted the command line given in
that message.  Here's the recipe assume that the usernames on all three
machines are identical:

host1$ rsync --rsh ssh --rsync-path 'ssh host2 rsync' srcfile home:dstfile

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