Question About Rsync on HP-UX

Chao,Eisen R. Eisen.Chao at
Fri Oct 24 11:21:34 EST 2003

Hi All:

I thought the default behaviour for Rsync was that it would only
destination files that have a lesser date than the source file. Instead
have this:


     ibmhttpd at sch1p115
[/csapps115/IBMHTTPD/content-external/cna/html/meet]: ls -al meet.html
     -rwxr-xr-x   1 ibmhttpd   ibmhttpd     30151 Jul  9  2002 meet.html


     ibmhttpd at sch1p116 [/opt/IBMHTTPD/content/cna/html/meet]: ls -al
     -rwxrwxr-x   1 ibmhttpd   ibmhttpd       198 Oct 23 20:15 meet.html

I have an rsync job running every 15 minutes:


     /usr/local/bin/rsync -v  --stats  --archive  --times -e "ssh -1 -p
2245" /csapps115/IBMHTTPD/content-internal/  ibmhttpd at sch1p217::Intranet

     /usr/local/bin/rsync -v  --stats  --archive  --times -e "ssh -1 -p
2245" /csapps115/IBMHTTPD/content-external/
ibmhttpd at sch1p116::MoveRequest116

Originally I ran this w/ flags of "-av", reading some posted responses
at the rsync FAQ, I then tried
The flags  "--times" and "--archive"

Here is the /etc/rsyncd.conf file on sch1p116:

    max connections = 20
    list = yes

           uid = ibmhttpd
           gid = ibmhttpd
           path = /opt/IBMHTTPD/logs
           comment = HTTPD Rsync Work Area- Logs

           uid = ibmhttpd
           gid = ibmhttpd
           path = /opt/IBMHTTPD/content
           read only = false
           comment = Move Request Rsync Work Area- Content

           uid = ibmhttpd
           gid = ibmhttpd
           read only = false
           path = /tmp
           comment = Testing Area for writing files/dirs

Versions of rsync running on both source & destination are 2.4.6 for

Are there some other lags to force it change only on datestamps ? What
In my copy of /etc/rsyncd.conf


Eisen Chao
CNA Insurance

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