issue with large number of files

Sven Geisler sgeisler at
Wed Oct 22 23:22:32 EST 2003


I use rsync to syncronize two systems.
There are 2 million + files.

My problem is
1. rsync is very slow (it needs more than 48 hours)
2. rsync needs too much RAM (ca. 750 MByte on each server)

The backup software needs 14 hours including file transfer to the backup
server for full backup.

My configuration:
1. Server Dual-XEON with 2 GB RAM.
2. Server Dual-PIII with 2 GB RAM.

The partition has 160 GB in use with approx.2 million files and a very
large number of directories.

I saw in the TO-DO file that this is problem has been recognised.
Is there a solution?
Is the solution for this issue already scheduled for the next version?

Or what can I do to get it done in the next version?


Sven Geisler <sgeisler at>
AEC/communications GmbH

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