rsync user@host:src user@host:dest ?

pod pod at
Wed Oct 22 20:42:35 EST 2003

>>>>> "OK" == Olivier Kaloudoff <kalou at> writes:

    OK> Hi, I'm using rsync with ssh, and would like to know if you have a
    OK> solution to rsync from one server to another, in the following
    OK> scheme:

    OK> A --- B --- C

    OK> 	I'm on B, and want to rsync from C to A. I have no rights
    OK> to copy from C to A directly, and no rights to play on ports.

    OK> 	Every server is installed with ssh, which I can customise.

    OK> Any ideas ?

To copy from C to A via B use (some variation of)

user at C$ rsync --rsh ssh --rsync-path 'ssh user at A rsync' sourcefile user at B:destfile

So from B you just need to lauch something similar on C via ssh

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