Is anyone replicating .5TB or higher?

jw schultz jw at
Wed Oct 22 06:30:29 EST 2003

On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 06:56:20AM -0700, Laura Ausel wrote:
> I've heard about using rsync to replicate data across the WAN, but need to know
> if anyone is using it on a large scale. 

Many are using it on large scales.  There are scaling issues
and mitigation depends on the definition of large.

> I have a client who is contemplating consolidating Windows file/print servers
> into a Linux partition on an iSeries.  The show stopper is whether rsync (or
> any replication product) can and will replicate   a) at the file level, and b)a
> database approaching .6TB in size.  Automation and accuracy are key.

Is that a single file nearly 600GB or multiple files?

Rsync's memory footprint is dependant on two things: the
file list and the number of checksum blocks of the largest

2.5.6 and earlier releases also have a performance issue
with large files.

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