Backing up laptops on network

Gregory Brauer greg at
Sat Oct 11 04:02:23 EST 2003

Steve Waltner wrote:
> You might take a look at BackupPC which 
> is an open source backup server. It can use Samba or tar/rsync over 
> rsh/ssh to backup basically any system out there. It's a pretty slick 
> setup. The server is designed to run on a UNIX system however. I'm using 
> this system at work and all of our laptops get automatically backed up 
> any time they show up on they LAN.

I wanted to be able to back up Windows laptops to a Linux server,
but had no luck with BackupPC because of the rsync hang problems
under Windows, and using the SMB method doesn't backup the ACLs,
just the file data.  I have been using bacula
( ) and have been very happy with its
flexibility.  It supports backup to tape or disk, many platforms,
and works more like most enterprise backup software.  On the down
side, they don't have a GUI yet, but the interactive TUI is pretty

I guess the fact that it doesn't use rsync in any way could be
considered a downside too.  ;)


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