2.5.6: a number of minor issues

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Thu Oct 9 06:20:12 EST 2003

> As for the doc changes, I don't like the unsplitting of the
> infinitives with regard to the use of "only" -- I think it reads
> better to have the "only" earlier in the sentence.

> For example, I think that "only update files that already exist"
> reads much better than "update only files that already exist".

Well, it may read better, but it means something else: "only update
files that already exist" means "don't do anything else to files that
already exist" (and is silent about what to do to anything else);
"update only files that already exist" means "don't update anything
except files that already exist" (and is silent about what operations
may be performed for others).

I think the latter is closer to the intended meaning, which is why I
made the change.  But as I implied, it's not my project; if you'd still
rather be saying the former, go ahead.

> Note also that the man pages are built from yodl (.yo) files, which
> explains some of items you mentioned (such as why there are a lot of
> "\&"s sprinkled about).

I did wonder slightly what the .yo files were, but didn't wonder quite
enough to actually dig into it.

In passing, I note ambiguities in the description of the command-line
syntax: what if I want to copy a file with a name containing a colon?
What if I want to copy to or from a machine named rsync that happens to
use pathnames beginning with double slashes (at least one OS I've met
does this, as a kind of super-root containing all machines on a LAN
that share storage)?

I would imagine that for the former, you ignore colons occurring after
the first slash in an argument, and for the latter you don't support
that, but it might be nice to make them explicit in the documentation.

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