RSync hangs up on file transfer

Andre Alexander Bell andre.bell at
Tue Oct 7 04:20:55 EST 2003

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It is about a month ago that I came up here with my problem that rsync stops
processing from time to time. Meanwhile I investigated some more time on this
problem and increased the verbosity of rsync.
Calling rsync with

rsync -a -vv -P --delete --numeric-ids --rsh="ssh" root at gandalf:/images/ \

or even -vvv did allways end up with rsync consuming no more cpu time and the
following last output lines (or quite similiar):

<--output begins-->
match at 1241645 last_match=1240991 j=374 len=700 n=654
match at 1242345 last_match=1242345 j=375 len=700 n=0
match at 1243965 last_match=1243045 j=573 len=700 n=920
match at 1244665 last_match=1244665 j=1 len=700 n=0
match at 1246665 last_match=1245365 j=1437 len=700 n=1300
match at 1247400 last_match=1247365 j=1782 len=404 n=35
     1247804 100%  440.23kB/s    0:00:02
done hash search
sending file_sum
got file_sum
renaming .C8760-02_FEU_0378_0000_063x_MASK.tif.vsuS6T to
set modtime of fisher/C8760-02_FEU_0378_0000_063x_MASK.tif to (1065079671) Thu
Oct  2 09:27:51 2003
redoing fisher/C8760-02_FEU_0378_0000_063x_MASK.tif(1850)
<--output ends-->

This last file is allways a different one. This rsync process did not run out
of memory nor does the disk or anything else as I posted in my first mail.

Increasing the verbosity to -vvvv causes rsync to repeat something like

potential match at 708123 target=514 1281 sum=bfb2ff16
potential match at 708123 target=515 1629 sum=bfb2ff16
potential match at 708124 target=1672 235 sum=c185ff17
potential match at 708124 target=1673 364 sum=c185ff17
potential match at 708124 target=1674 1360 sum=c185ff17

and stop with some of these lines. (no further output is produced anymore and
this is a tail of such a logfile)

I did play around with everything I found within the man page and FAQ about
rsync hangups, but it did not help.

Has anyone any idea what I can do to find out the reason for this problem?

Thanks in advance

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