RSync hangs up on file transfer

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Tue Oct 7 04:48:33 EST 2003

On Mon, Oct 06, 2003 at 08:20:55PM +0200, Andre Alexander Bell wrote:
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> Hello!
> It is about a month ago that I came up here with my problem that rsync stops
> processing from time to time. Meanwhile I investigated some more time on this
> problem and increased the verbosity of rsync.
> Calling rsync with
> rsync -a -vv -P --delete --numeric-ids --rsh="ssh" root at gandalf:/images/ \
>   /backup/images/
> or even -vvv did allways end up with rsync consuming no more cpu time and the
> following last output lines (or quite similiar):
> <--output begins-->
> match at 1241645 last_match=1240991 j=374 len=700 n=654
> match at 1242345 last_match=1242345 j=375 len=700 n=0
> match at 1243965 last_match=1243045 j=573 len=700 n=920
> match at 1244665 last_match=1244665 j=1 len=700 n=0
> match at 1246665 last_match=1245365 j=1437 len=700 n=1300
> match at 1247400 last_match=1247365 j=1782 len=404 n=35
>      1247804 100%  440.23kB/s    0:00:02
> done hash search
> sending file_sum
> got file_sum
> renaming .C8760-02_FEU_0378_0000_063x_MASK.tif.vsuS6T to
> fisher/C8760-02_FEU_0378_0000_063x_MASK.tif
> set modtime of fisher/C8760-02_FEU_0378_0000_063x_MASK.tif to (1065079671) Thu
> Oct  2 09:27:51 2003
> redoing fisher/C8760-02_FEU_0378_0000_063x_MASK.tif(1850)
> <--output ends-->

How big are these files that it reports "redoing ..."?
Unless they are quite large i would suspect one of your
systems has some data corruption problems.  There are three
ways of getting that error.  One is for there to be hash
colisions on the data which is statistically rare enough
that it shouldn't happen exepct on multi-hundred-megabyte
files.  The second is for the destination file to change
between the time checksums are generated and the time it is
updated.  The third is for there to be corruption such as
defective hardware or the destination being on nfs.

> This last file is allways a different one. This rsync process did not run out
> of memory nor does the disk or anything else as I posted in my first mail.
> Increasing the verbosity to -vvvv causes rsync to repeat something like
> potential match at 708123 target=514 1281 sum=bfb2ff16
> potential match at 708123 target=515 1629 sum=bfb2ff16
> potential match at 708124 target=1672 235 sum=c185ff17
> potential match at 708124 target=1673 364 sum=c185ff17
> potential match at 708124 target=1674 1360 sum=c185ff17
> and stop with some of these lines. (no further output is produced anymore and
> this is a tail of such a logfile)
> I did play around with everything I found within the man page and FAQ about
> rsync hangups, but it did not help.
> Has anyone any idea what I can do to find out the reason for this problem?
> Thanks in advance
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