password problem with rsync

Andrew MacKenzie andy at
Fri Oct 3 05:27:50 EST 2003

> > Both seem ugly to me.  Of course, if you have enough control of the 
> > 'network' and can make sure it's not 'internet' bound and exposed, this 
> > can be done, as long as you trust the soft chewy center as well as those 
> > 'inside'.
> Ahhhh! Please someone here talk in english. I am unable to understand
> anything. wahhh!!!!
> I just want to copy users directories thru;' cronjob from one machoine
> to another and bad as it may sound I am not worried about security.
> What do you want me to do in such cases. Please understand that this is
> first time I am on a live IP in my life. Till now I was using just few
> computers on LAN and so do nto understand much of rsync and ssh jargon.
> I use ssh just to connect to my remote machine, that's all.
Just use ssh key based authentication.

ssh is handling your authentication.  Not rsync.  rsync is just sending
files.  Setup ssh with key based authentication, and no passwords on your
keys.  Works just fine.

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