AW: password problem with rsync

Rainer Stengele rainer at
Wed Oct 1 02:09:40 EST 2003

The password is related to a rsync server,
when you communicate through the rsync port:

grep rsync /etc/services
rsync           873/tcp                 # rsync
rsync           873/udp                 # rsync

the authentication therefore is done against the rsync serverpassword.
Yo wanted to "file in" the ssh password?

Not possible in this way ...


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The file should not need nor be set execuatable.  It's a test file as
far as rsync should be concerned.  Now as to why it fails, that is
another issue and others that know the code will have to answer that.


Ron DuFresne

Payal Rathod wrote:

>I want to use rsync from a script. Before that I am trying it from
>command line. I use it as,
>$ rsync --password-file=pass -e ssh -av legal.txt
accounts at
>accounts at's password:
>I don't want to be prompted for password.
>$ ls -l pass
>-rwx------    1 payal    payal          9 Sep 30 19:11 pass*
>$ cat pass
>[Don't worry it is not on real IP].
>What is wrong?
>With warm regards,

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