PATCH: option to ignore case in filenames

John R. LoVerso john at
Wed Oct 1 12:26:40 EST 2003

> This is a mount option issue.
> Don't mount with posix enabled.

Did you try that?

FWIW, I'm not using the "posix" option to the vfat fs.  It would have
solved my problem, but it doesn't work consisitently.  I did try it:

	posix	Allow two files with names that only differ in case.

The other side effect is that the mount option makes the filesystem on
the CF incompatible with Windows.

I'd really love to be able to get the filesystem to always present
file names in a single case (upper or lower), but none of the mount
options allow that without restricting filenames to 8.3, which is a
far worse problem.

> I wouldn't recommend using rsync on flash cards.  I think
> rsync's methods will shorten the lifespan of a flash memory

Not at all.  It's a CF card first of all.  And, I'm using -T so
that rsync only copies whole files into the CF from /tmp.  It should
cause no more write I/O than if I was manually making lists of files
to copy and then copying them.


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