rsync / cygwin hanging problem

Ulrich Meier ulrich-meier at
Thu Nov 20 12:25:31 EST 2003

> recommendation (if i recall correctly) is to not use rsync
> over ssh on windows.  Rsync apparently works OK as a daemon
> on whendoze and when accessing an rsync daemon.
It does not make me happy to read this. Anyway, I like to describe my 
experience of the last two days, maybe this helps someone, or someone 
can help me:
I wanted to synch an Win2000 machine and a WinXP machine. For some 
(offtopic) reason I can use Win2k only as local system, since I can´t 
even ping it although there is no firewall and hidden server mode is not 
activated (as far as I know. Hints on that are welcome too).
rsync -...e ssh user at ... /cygdrive/... works well with small folders, 
but with larger ones, it hangs and copies not more than one (!) file.
Additionally I have a Linux machine in the network. My final solution 
was to synch first to that system and from that to the Win2k system.
Summarized it behaves like this:
local	(data direction) remote
Win2k		<--	 WinXP	hangs at folders with ca. >300 files after copying 1 
files at max.
linux 		<-- 	 WinXP	hangs
WinXP		-->	 linux	copies about 2GB, then freezes the whole WinXP (not 
only cygwin, ctrl+c not working)
Win2k		<--	 linux	works fine, but with incredibly high processor load on 
Win2k (like 900MHz for maybe 3MBit/s)

Uli M.

P.s.: All versions of last weeks cygwin webpage and Suse8.2.

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