rsync / cygwin hanging problem

John Hunt john.rsync at
Fri Nov 21 04:33:57 EST 2003

Have you tried rsync 2.5.5 ?

I have reverted to that because 2.5.6 was hanging every time (see my posting 
on 2003-11-17). I used 2.5.5 for several months without problems, before 
upgrading cygwin recently.

Unlike you I am NOT using ssh.

I am using rsync (at work that is) as part of a script to automate part of the 
process of producing a distribution package for an MS$ VB application that we 
sell. I got really tired of spending half an hour moving files around by hand 
after running the VB Package & Deployment Wizard, and making standard edits 
to some of the packaging files, so I automated it using cygwin, bash and 

If any developer is working on this problem, I would be happy to test any new 
rsync executable for them, to establish if it works in my environment.

John Hunt
Stokesley, N Yorks, UK
e-mail: john.rsync at

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