Win2k Scheduler not able to execute rsync over SSH

Raja Surapaneni lists at
Tue Nov 18 09:00:13 EST 2003

Hi there,
I have tried enough of it and couldnt get any where.

I have a Redhat 9.x box with rsync
I want to backup contents on the RH to Win2K box.
I have copied required cygwin DLL's and rsync.exe,ssh-keygen.exe and ssh.exe.
I set up my pub rsa id and all that stuff.

My problem is here:
I have a batch file which logs itself. The batch file contains some logging commands and 
rsync -avze ssh user at server:/directory/. /local_dir

This command is executed fine at the command prompt. (Doesnt ask for password or passphrase as it is all setup.)

when I execute this batch file thorugh the Win2K Task scheduler all the other commands in the batch file are executed except the above command. Dont know why.

I have another job which backs up from anther server and contains 
rsync -avz server::share_name/directory/. /local_dir
And this executed fine from command prompt and task sheduler.

Only if I use ssh as transport the command is not executing.

TIA for any help and advice.


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