--move instaed of --delete

Maik Holtkamp s-y-l at gmx.net
Mon Nov 3 22:34:41 EST 2003


I have set up daily backup using rsync to collect the data and
afterwards I use afio to write the data to tape.

I do:

$RSYNC -avbu --backup-dir=$PART/$HOST/old -e ssh --exclude-from $EXCLUDE
root@$HOST:/ $PART/$HOST > $LOG/$HOST-$DATE.log

to sync files.

Since the tape capacity is limited I exclued the /$PART/$HOST/old dirs,
form the afio call. These are backuped separately on weekly basis.

I would like to use --delete for the same reason. However, it should not
actual delete the files but put them in the .../old directories, too.

But I can not find out how to do so :-(.

Any hint greatly appreciated. TIA.

BTW: Smart questions link from http://rsync.samba.org/lists.html brings
     me to tuxedo start page.

- bye maik

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