why are these files being transfered

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Sat May 31 13:02:11 EST 2003

Setup:   Redhat linux 7.3
rrsync:  version 2.5.6  protocol version 27

I'm trying to employ rsync in conjuction with with a cvs setup.

The setup employs a bufffer where changes are made then moved to a
checked out module from cvs repository and finally any cvs actions
necessary are done.

So far just testing this out with some copies of both directory trees.

Right now the files in both are the same.  Or at least, far as I know.
Diff reports no findings on a few tests.  Just one included here

  diff base.t/sol/etc/SYS_ENV cvs_buf.t/sol/etc/SYS_ENV

  diff base.t cvs_buf.t
  Only in base.t: CVS
  Common subdirectories: base.t/common and cvs_buf.t/common
  Common subdirectories: base.t/lgate and cvs_buf.t/lgate
  Common subdirectories: base.t/obsd and cvs_buf.t/obsd
  Common subdirectories: base.t/reader and cvs_buf.t/reader
  Common subdirectories: base.t/sol and cvs_buf.t/sol

But when I run rsync it appear to want to transfer massive numbers of

 rsync -avvzC /root/cvs_buf.t/ /root/base.t 2>&1| tee  /root/cvs_buf.test

I show only one here since you've seen the diff tests, but in fact 
all are reported as moved.
Why are they being transferred?  Or am I misunderstanding the output?

Thought I used to see a report of how many files were transferred in
an older version of rsync.. not sure which.  But this version doesn't
seem to display that info.  Even with more vvvv flags.  At higher
verbosity it shows files being sent and recvd, or appears to.

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