Rsync / SSH / Cygwin .. permission problems..

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Fri May 30 20:44:26 EST 2003

On Thu, May 29, 2003 at 10:02:02AM -0700, Oswell, Michael wrote:
> I am attempting to use rsync to "mirror" data between several windows 2000
> and windows XP systems.  I am a UNIX person by nature, so decided the
> easiest way to go about doing this would be to use Cygwin with cron and ssh
> running as services, then run the rsync connection nightly through cron.
> Cygwin is installed on both systems and works perfectly.  OpenSSH is
> installed and running, and the rsync user we created is able to ssh using
> password-less keys between the 2 systems.  When I run rsync, it correctly
> pulls the data down that I want.  The problem is that there are NO
> permissions on the files that are pulled down, so they are basically
> inaccessable.  
> I have tried with and without the -p option, hoping the files would inherit
> parent directory permissions if I didn't use it, but it doesn't appear to do
> so. The command as I run it is;
> rsync -rlztpv --rsh=ssh --delete remote-fs:/path/to/the/files .
> or
> rsync -rlztv --rsh=ssh --delete remote-fs:/path/to/the/files .
> With the "p" option included, there are no permission bits set on the files
> whatsover.  Without the "p" option, it sets the files to 0200.
> Any ideas here?  Both systems have the Domain groups in the groups file, and
> have the  rsync user as well as local users in the passwd file.  I would
> prefer to not have to have ALL domain users in the password file for cygwin
> if possible.
> I have also tried this from a DOS shell instead of a cygwin shell with the
> same results..
> Thanks in advance...

Hey cygwiners have you no comment?

I think this is a cygwin limitation.  Perms are probably
not supported.  With -p it will use whatever perms stat
returned (apparently 0000).  I'm not sure why you are
getting a 0200 mode.

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