Interactive Rsync Authentication Problem

Carson Gaspar carson at
Thu May 29 06:14:54 EST 2003

--On Wednesday, May 28, 2003 13:26:17 -0400 Andrew Klein 
<andy at> wrote:

> I believe J.W. Schultz replied to this but I lost it since I was not yet
> fully subscribed to the list. He rightly suggested that the a portable
> getpass() would be non-trivial.  An alternate suggestion though:  Solaris
> has a getpassphrase() call that returns up to 256 chars.  The configure
> script could check if the function exists and do an appropriate #define.
> Then authenticate.c can be made a bit be smarter in a generally portable
> way.

getpassphrase() is definitely worth using. OpenSSH also has a portable 
readpassphrase() that you could steal.

I love the fact that the man page for getpass() under Linux says "don't use 
this", but does not provide any alternative. Mmmm... Linux - it's so 
secure! ;-)


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