Synchronising Japanese Characters in Rsync

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Fri May 16 10:24:10 EST 2003

On Thu, May 15, 2003 at 06:06:53PM +0100, Quinlan, Sean wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have searched the rsync website, as well as an extensive search on google,
> but have been unable to come up with a definitive answer regarding whether
> rsync will synchronise files and directories which have Japanese characters
> in them.
> I am using an English language version of Linux, which has some directories
> shared via samba.  Both English and Japanese language windows clients access
> these shares and save files and directories on them.  In windows, the
> Japanese language files and directories are seen correctly, and can be used
> with no problems.
> However when I try and synchronise the above directories with another
> identically configured Linux machine, using rsync, it merely ignores all
> files and directories with any Japanese characters in them.
> Is this normal behaviour, or does rsync support synchronising Japanese
> character files and directories?
> The versions of software are:	rsync	2.4.1 protocol version 24
> 				samba	3.0-alpha19

Rsync only sees filenames as a sequence of bytes.  It isn't
restricted to 7 bit.  The implication of this is that rsync
is not multi-byte aware so i expect the codeset used could
impact things.

Names are NULL terminated.  Attempting to specify paths
on the command-line could be awkward and rsync will use the
'/' characther (1 byte) to delimit directories of config
options and command-line args.

Your problem is most likely a codepage issue.

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