Synchronising Japanese Characters in Rsync

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at
Fri May 16 04:29:16 EST 2003

On Thu 15 May 2003, Quinlan, Sean wrote:

> However when I try and synchronise the above directories with another
> identically configured Linux machine, using rsync, it merely ignores all
> files and directories with any Japanese characters in them.
> Is this normal behaviour, or does rsync support synchronising Japanese
> character files and directories?
> The versions of software are:	rsync	2.4.1 protocol version 24
> 				samba	3.0-alpha19

Firstly, rsync 2.4.1 is pretty ancient. Please always upgrade to the
latest (and hopefully greatest) version before seeking help...
2.5.6 is current.

Besides that, I don't see any reason why rsync should have difficulties
with whatever character set the filenames are in; it sees a filename simply as a
sequence of bytes. I've rsynced files with 8-bit characters
successfully, so it should work for Japanese characters as well.

Are you sure the "other" samba is configured identically?  I had
problems reading the files with 8-bit char filenames through samba until
I sorted out the character sets correctly for samba (so that samba
translated it correctly into what windows likes to see).

Paul Slootman

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