release date for rsync 2.5.7?

Manish Dubey mdubey at
Sat May 3 07:19:42 EST 2003

--- jw schultz <jw at> wrote:


> Bad line wrapping.  A mailer should not change wrapping on
> quoted text.  If wrapping must be changed it should be done
> in a way that doesn't break the quoting.

Agreed. Yahoo's defaults suck. I should use my own email client,
but i dont.


> > > There is no release schedule.  Releases are made
> > > when the
> > > rsync team feels the code is stable, has enough
> > > changes to
> > > merit a release or enough bugfixes to make current
> > > obsolete,
> > > and an rsync developer willing to spend the time
> > > doing a
> > > release.
> > > 
> > > Which bugfix is your motivation?  We'll consider
> > > your imput
> > > as a vote for a release.
> > 
> > 
> > I am specifically interested in the bug fix for
> > --link-dest when rsync is invoked without the flags
> > preserve permissions/ownership.
> >
> > Also, since you are accepting my input. I would also
> > like to request a minor feature :-). What will it take
> > to have rsync create remote subdirectory tree
> > recursively?
> > 
> > something like:
> > 
> > rsync some/local/files/*
> > remote:/some/non/exist/dir/path/
> > 
> > Looks like someone asked for this in FAQ-o-matic too.
> > 
> >
> What it will take is someone actually coding it and the
> assent of the developers.

I have a patch, that i can submit for review.

> I'm inclined to discourage such a change.  rsync is modeled
> on cp and cp would fail if the destination directory is
> missing.  Furthermore, failing on missing directory is a
> valuable safety-net.  The majority of the time the
> destination directory doesn't exist it is because of an
> error.  Far better to have rsync to report "rsync: mkdir
> /hoem/henry/Mail: No such file or directory" than to have
> root or another wrong filesystem fill up on either system.

I understand the current design decision. However, what if
this behavior is triggered by a command line flag? I can
modify my patch to do that.

Also i want to test it for all possible use cases. Is there a
test harness or description of test cases that i can run my change
through (before submitting it for review)? I have already tested 
it for all my use cases (local, remote, file and directory syncing)

> It is very easy to force the directory to exist.  Just
> preceede rsync with "mkdir -p" if you know beyond doubt that
> the directory, as specified, needs to be created.

I know about mkdir -p, but its not just slapping "mkdir -p" before
doing rsync. I will have to make my code understand about syncing file
vs. directory (and create the parent directory in case of a file), so
i opted for rsync creating it for me.

Thanks for time. I am just hoping to get my patch integrated for all
the good reasons of using a standard distribution.


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