release date for rsync 2.5.7?

jw schultz jw at
Fri May 2 07:17:16 EST 2003

On Thu, May 01, 2003 at 11:53:35AM -0700, Manish Dubey wrote:
> I am looking to upgrade to latest version of rsync.
> However there are some critical bug fixes (for my
> needs) that have been commited to CVS post 2.5.6
> release.
> Can anyone tell me how i can find out the release
> schedule for 2.5.7? I looked around at rsync home page
> and did not see how i can access schedule/timeline for
> official releases.
> I can work with latest in CVS if the release date is
> too far out, else i would like to use offical release.

There is no release schedule.  Releases are made when the
rsync team feels the code is stable, has enough changes to
merit a release or enough bugfixes to make current obsolete,
and an rsync developer willing to spend the time doing a

Which bugfix is your motivation?  We'll consider your imput
as a vote for a release.

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