unexpected tag 25 on OSX

Michael Fairchild fairchild at corona.physics.ucla.edu
Thu May 1 17:34:23 EST 2003

Hello again,
I have finally got it working, partially anyhow.  I still can't
initiate a connection from the server, but it does work if i
initiate the connection at the mac client.  I just needed to
exclude troublesome directories from the rsync tree.  
this is the commad that worked:
rsync --exclude "/dev*" --exclude "/private/tmp*" --exclude
"/Network*" --exclude "/Volumes*" --exclude "/private/var/run*"
--delete -vvaR -e ssh /.
"kegerator:/mnt/keg1/backups/maser/current/" --stats

Anyways, i am very glad to finally have this working. 
Thanks for the help,
-Michael Fairchild

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