Rsync Hangs

Jeff Bearer jbearer at
Sat Mar 29 08:45:40 EST 2003

I saw this in the archive:

I'm having the same problem with samba hanging, except it's not very
re-creatable.   I have a script that runs rsync, sleeps for 30 seconds
and runs rsync again.  It hangs about once every 24 hours.

The script runs a rsync push over ssh.  I've been running the same rsync
scripts for 18 months and this problem has just started this week.

I'm running it on Red Hat 7.3
it's rsync 2.5.4 and openssh 3.1p1

I didn't notice this starting after any particular package upgrade but
if it helps the recent errata that I've installed include
glibc-2.1.3-29, kernel-2.18.27, samba and sendmail. Here is the errata
list if it turns out something else caused this.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Jeff Bearer, RHCE

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