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Antonin Sprinzl Antonin.Sprinzl at
Sat Mar 29 01:53:32 EST 2003

Hallo 'round,

env here: v2.5.6, Sol8(serv), Sol9(client)

in rsyncd.conf
 refuse options = checksum compress
 ## dont compress = *

action: rsync -vv -cz host::bla/large_file .

Result: no error, no server exit

The man page states ...
  "checksum" not "c" to disable checksumming). When  an  option
  is  refused,  the  server  prints  an error message and
  exits.  To prevent all compression, you can  use  "dont
  compress  = *" (see below) instead of "refuse options =
  compress" to avoid returning an error to a client  that
  requests compression.

Any idea, what's wrong here ?

Tks for any hint.

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