Help with adjusting rsync (win32) script?

Alan Murrell silkbc at
Tue Mar 25 03:45:55 EST 2003


Previous to my taking over as SysAdmin, the previous
one had written a script called 'sync.bat' wich used
rsync to backup the websites on our webservers to a
secondary server, whose directory was mounted on the
'z:' drive.

A sample from the script looks like this:

cd c:\websites\0
for /D %%1 in (*.*) do c:\progra~1\rsync\rsync -avz
--delete "/websites/0/%%1/" "//z/websites/0/%%1/"

However, the location of the websites has moved to the
D:\ drive, and so I made the following change:

cd d:\websites\0
for /D %%1 in (*.*) do c:\progra~1\rsync\rsync -avz
--delete "/websites/0/%%1/" "//z/websites/0/%%1/"

However, when the script is run (which I discovered I
had to do from the D:\ drive), I get the following

rsync: building file list...
rsync: 911 files to consider.
rsync: read error: No children
rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code
12) at io.c(151)

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.


Alan Murrell <silkbc at>

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