Multiple source synchronizing to one unique destination

Martial Millioud mmillioud at
Tue Mar 25 01:57:08 EST 2003

I am wondering if there's a Rsync guru, that can just simply tell me if the
following thing is feasible with rsync 2.5.6.
I have 2 rsync source servers configured as daemon....and I would like both
of them to synchronize to a unique destination.
Fact is that when I do a synchronization one after another, both source ar
populated on the destination area (provided that the --delete option is not
set) and works fine.
So now if I delete a file on 1 source server, I would like the destination
file to be deleted as well....but troubles is that if I set the --delete
option, it deletes all files belonging to the other source server when
synchronizing. Is there some kind of option with rsync that allows
in-between situation, that is to say 2 source syncronizing to 1 unique
destination (working with deleted files as well....) I hope you understand
my question.
Thank you for your help
Best Regards

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