bind blocking rsync

Lawrence Strydom laurie at
Thu Mar 20 21:01:40 EST 2003

Hi Guys,

Here is the setup.

LVS NAT cluster with director (dir), backup director (bdir), and two
realservers (rs1 and rs2) running apache webserver.
SSH DSA key-based authentication set up between rs1 and rs2 in order to
facilitate automated (via cron) mirorring of htdocs directories. All
works fine untill I decide to host DNS on the same cluster. As soon as I
start BIND on rs1, ssh no longer works to this machine. It just hangs
without any login prompt or error message. If I do #telnet rs1 22
I get a connection so the server is definitely running. 
The only clue I have is a line in my log file at bind startup: "the
default for the 'auth-nxdomain' option is now no"
Any ideas?


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