Offsite server replication solution via Internet

Splash splash at
Thu Mar 20 09:25:10 EST 2003

Some of our smaller Central London clients (5 to 25 terminals), who use the NetWare & GroupWise software from Novell Small Business Suite 6, are becoming increasingly concerned about the possibility of their offices becoming inaccessible for a prolonged period in the event of a terrorist attack.
We've been asked to provide a low cost solution consisting of replicated offsite servers to cater for this eventuality.
In the event of a crisis, key office personnel would be able to access their NetWare data and GroupWise email etc. from home, by accessing their backup server situated in a safe rural location.
The current solution relies on the backup server being situated at somebody's home and being restored from an office backup tape.
This is rather clumsy, to say the least.
We are looking for a software solution to update the remote server with any changes made to the primary server, via the Internet.
Is Rsync the right product for the job ?
If so, any advice on installation & configuration would be much appreciated

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