rsync over nfs

Al-Abdulhadi, Bashar Babdulhadi at
Tue Mar 18 16:16:13 EST 2003

> Hello,
> 	I have rsync process which is a crontab job:
> 0 0-23 * * * /bin/rsync -rvg /net/server1/local/filesys1/userhomedir/project_dir /local/filesys1/userhomedir/project_dir
> which sync the user project dir on localsystem from another machine called server1 via nfs, but the weird thing its coping all files every time it syncs am I using the wrong flags? is it possible to copy only the new/changed file or that's a problem using nfs?
> Bashar AlAbdulhadi (KBM)
> E&D UNIX System Support Team (SUN)
> IT Department, Kuwait Oil Company
> babdulhadi at   +965-3989111 x71288

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