SSH command when uploading files

Reckhard, Tobias tobias.reckhard at
Fri Mar 14 17:04:31 EST 2003


[empty SSH key passphrase]
> Or use ssh-agent.

Yes, that's an alternative. I can't see a difference in functionality nor
risk between the two, though.

> > things worse, we're talking about access to the root 
> account on the rsync
> > server.
> That is your choice or circumstance, not an rsync issue.

I agree entirely. I made that statement to further justify my cause. I will
be trying to move away from the root account, but, as you say, this is
entirely independent of any rsync matters.

> The command is passed just like the download.  You must have
> missed it.
> This has all been discussed within the last six months.
> Look for authorized_keys in the archives.

OK, will do. Thanks for the pointer. I had checked the archives, but not
found anything. Alas, I hadn't looked for "authorized_keys" but rather
"SSH", "restrict", "command" and the like. That hadn't turned up anything
(not within the first couple of dozen hits anyway). 

Thanks again and be seeing y'all.


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