Rsync and Openssl

Lee Wiltbank lwiltbank at
Fri Mar 14 08:16:04 EST 2003


I took rsync 2.5.6 and added openssl support to it.  I have compiled it
for cygwin and Redhat linux.  If anyone is interested in playing with
it/fixing my mistakes, I would be more than glad to send the code or
post it.  It currently runs between the linux and windows boxes with no
problem and a NetWare version can connect to it as well.  Eventually, I
would like to make it totally cross platform so that all platforms
running openssl can use it.  

The basics are:

Run rsync as an anonymous daemon, but add --ssl --certfile=<path to
certificate> to the command line

Then run rsync on the client and add --ssl --certfile=<path to
certificate> to the command line

All other parameters work as before, just the traffic is encrypted.  I
must admit to being somewhat of a newbie with openssl programming, but
the non-blocking io seems to be working fine, I really could use help
with certificate verification, etc.  Thanks.


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