Philipp W. philipp at ausserfern.at
Wed Mar 5 16:21:38 EST 2003

>> i think stdout as
>> rsync -avvP MCI/ MCI2 --stats --delete 1>1.txt
>> doesn't give me the 6c6c on the command line nor in the 1.txt
>> rsync -avvP MCI/ MCI2 --stats --delete 2>1.txt
>> leaves an empty 1.txt.
> If that is the right syntax for your shell (it is for bash)
> then it isn't coming from rsync.

it is bash.

>> -vvv prints the following: there you can see one 6c... and rsync stops
>> here for at least 5 minutes... with -vv, it takes 5 sec.
>> make_file(4,1 + 2 Semester/Acces Datenbank/Artikel.mdb)
>> ^[[?6c
> That isn't "6c" it is "\E[?6c" which is u8 in termcap.
> Something is mucking with your terminal.

So what can i do? writing a bug-report to redhat?

regards Philipp

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