rsync limit to filesize

Eric Chen echen at
Wed Jun 11 09:12:55 EST 2003


I am trying to rsync about 460 GB of data from one server to another server
using rsync 2.5.6. I started the transfer at about 11:45am, and it has been
about 4 1/2 hrs since then and it is still building the file list.

Here's the command I run:

`rsync -avW --numeric-ids --delete --exclude-from=/tmp/EXCLUDE* /vgroup00/`;

I am trying to sync from server A ( to server B, and I am
calling rsync from server B.

I was wondering if there is a cap to the filesize because it has been taking
a really really long time to build the filelist, and no files have been
transferred yet. Any comments or help would be appreciated.


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