path-length problem (rsync + cygwin + w2k)

Joachim Schulz s.c.h.u.l.z at
Wed Jun 11 09:06:55 EST 2003


I am trying to sync huge windows2000-grown filestructures
with rsync 2.5.5 (p.v.26) and cygwin (1003.21.0.0).
All files in paths with more than 100 chars seem to be
Is this an rsync, cygwin or other limitation?

I found this thread about missing unicode-support:
Looks like an explanation to me, but I would like to
have an idea if there is a way to solve this.
(Right now, reducing the file-naming down to 100 chars
 is not a possible workaround.)

Thanks in advance
  s.c.h.u.l.z at

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